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Solve puzzles

Hone your computational thinking skills with tricky algorithmic riddles.

Teach Poly

Help Poly re-learn all the computational power he has lost.

Mod Everything

Once Poly is up to speed, you can modify the world for better!

Meet Poly, your AI Sidekick for Casual Modding

Poly lets you “mod” or modify simulations, games, designs and more.

Solve Puzzles with Poly

Your Al Sidekick


After short-circuiting, Poly has lost his extensive knowledge of algorithms.
Help Poly remember, and recover your problem solving sidekick!

Circles are numbers. How nice and simple!

Squares are functions.
They eat the numbers on top of them and transform them into a new number!

Mod anything

The possibilities are endless

With Poly, you can mod…

  • Screen 01
  • Screen 02
  • Screen 03
  • Screen 04
  • Screen 01
  • Screen 03
  • Screen 04

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