About Polyup

Polyup is a movement built on a vision conceived at Stanford University in 2015 by visiting professor Yahya Tabesh. A lifelong math educator and an Erdos international math education award winner, Yahya teamed up with Shaya Zarkesh, a math-inclined high schooler who wanted to spread his love for math to the world, to build a digital playground for mathematical thinking. After two years, four prototypes, and the combined efforts of almost 40 individuals, Polyup has built that playground.

Polyup empowers a global community of creative and engaged problem solvers. It allows learners to experiment with numbers and functions to discover their own knowledge in a computational thinking playground. It enhances students’ analytical and algorithmic thinking skills through Poly Machines: 10 to 15 minute activities designed to supplement to a variety of math classes to make math education more interactive, personalized, and fun. It connects math to its applications for any background, gender, and ethnicity, making it an effective tool to make education an equalizer for 1.2B 3rd to 12th graders worldwide.

Polyup is the world’s first “casual modding” platform and is available today on web on any internet enabled device. As its core philosophy, Polyup is and will always be available for free to students and teachers.

So what are you waiting for? Get modding!

And I’m Poly, your AI sidekick to help you learn math and modify the world around you!