About Polyup

Polyup is a math education app available freely on the web. With the goal of instilling creative problem solving and computational thinking skills into K-12 students, Polyup allows students to play with numbers and functions in a freeform environment.


The Polyup movement was built on a vision conceived at Stanford University in 2015 by visiting Prof. Yahya Tabesh. A lifelong math educator and an Erdős international math education award winner, Yahya teamed up with Shaya Zarkesh, a math-inclined high schooler who wanted to spread his love for math to the world, to build a digital playground for mathematical thinking. With the leadership of Dr. Amir Zarkesh, a serial entrepreneur and awarded teacher, and Zohre Elahian, a philanthropist having brought technology tools to over 25 countries’ education systems, and through three years of R&D and testing in hundreds of classrooms in California, Polyup has built that playground.


Polyup is available today on the web on any internet-enabled device. As its core philosophy, Polyup is and will always be available for free to students and teachers. Furthermore, Polyup encourages all of its users to create content on its digital playground. Many organizations are building their own Polyup activities, including Stanford’s youcubed (a leading math education center with more than 120K global math teachers following their teachings). Polyup has also been promoted by AVID across over 6,000 schools. AVID is the largest teacher professional development organization in US that trains more than 70K teachers per year and impacts more than 2M students. AVID’s new STEM teacher development kit for creative problem solving, planned for release in summer 2019, uses Polyup for much of its instruction.

Polyup launched Poly Challenge in January 2019, during which students can solve and author creative problems and help others to do the same. Poly Challenge uses “Polycoins” as a measure of learning — every time a team causes learning in their community, they generate Polycoins. In four months, over 20 million problems have been solved by more than 100,000 K-12 students, in turn generating 200 million Polycoins. In the coming months, Polyup will further connect math to its applications in computer science and physical science using the world’s first Moddable Augmented Reality platform, enabling students to modify the world around them using math (for free!).


Starting February 2019, various nonprofit and for-profit sponsors are supporting prizes for teacher, school, and district Poly Challenge teams in many countries. As the first example, Computational Thinking Alliance has started to set weekly DonorsChoose.org gift card drawings for teachers. If your organization or company is interested in bringing a deep awareness of critical issues and efforts like the US Sustainable Development targets, XPrize Challenges, or other important global or local issues, Poly Challenge prizes can create a measurable impact to educate about these issues at the district, state, country, or global level. Poly Challenge can provide a variety of options to design prizes to provide a focused incentive toward your organization’s goals. For more information, please contact us at poly@polyup.com.

And I’m Poly, your AI sidekick to help you learn math and modify the world around you!