Shahin Hedayat

Shahin has a passion for high tech entrepreneurship addressing complex problems through collective human ingenuity. Shahin Co-founded Centillium Communication (IPO), Beceem Communication (acquired), Enverv (acquired), Apixio (currently operating) and served various roles as President, CEO, Chairman having raised over $200 million and generated over $4 billion of shareholder value.


Dr. Amir Zarkesh

Amir is the CEO and Co-founder of Bluechip Systems. Before that he co-founded iCelero, which spun off into three companies: Shoppin, Crunch and Bluechip Systems. Prior to that, he co-founded 3Plus1 Technology (acquired by a Private Equity), co-founded Transcendent Design (acquired by Mentor Graphics), and was a principal at Quad Design (acquired by Synopsys). Amir is the co-founder and the President of iBRIDGES a non-profit organization empowering young entrepreneurs. Amir received his PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and MSc in EE from UCLA.


Prof. Yahya Tabesh

In Yahya’s background we can see a visiting professor at Stanford University, a distinguished faculty of the Sharif University of Technology. He also served as the chairman of the department of Mathematical Sciences at Sharif for several years. Dr. Tabesh was also director of Math and Computer Olympiads in Iran. He won the Erdős international award in 2010 for his sustained and distinguished contribution to the enrichment of math education.

Board Member and Outreach Programs

Zohre Elahian

Zohre Elahian has been actively involved in international development for over 10 years. With her husband, she has started Schools Online, a not-for-profit organization that has brought computers to schools and introduced ICT in education in many countries around the world and within the US. As the Managing Director of Global Catalyst Foundation, Ms. Elahian has also evaluated many projects, addressing critical needs in education, ICT and microfinance; and her Foundation has provided funding to such projects in many countries.

Legal Counsel

Erik Edwards