Less than and greater than

Comparison and rounding

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Session Overview

In this session students will be introduced to the concept of rounding, throughout the knowledge acquired in the previous session (Less and greater than).

15 min

  • Agility with addition and subtraction.
  • Understanding the importance of the order of operations.
  • Understanding the concept of less and greater and learning the nomenclature
  • To have done the introduction to Polyup and modules one, two and three which focus on basic operations.
Getting students ready
  1. Students should go to https://m.polyup.com/ME4NPJT/
  2. Students should go to polyup.com on their computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • They should click on the play button to access the Polyup environment.
    • If they have an account, they can sign in with their username or email, if not, they should create a student account.
    • Students should click on Poly at the bottom and enter the following code: ME4NPJT
Starting the session
  1. The teacher should put the introductory video in front of the class.
    1. Students should follow the actions of the video
  2. Students should open the next chip and try to find the solution
    1. The teacher should show the solution in the board after 5 min approximately.
  3. Students should open the second chip and try to find the solution.
    1. The teacher should show the solution in the board after 5 min approximately.
  4. The rest of the chips should be solved by the students on their own, either in class or at home.

** To know more about how to assign machines (the session) as homework on google classroom visit the following article

  • Find the session solutions on the Teacher’s Manual!