Become a Polyup Sponsor

Polyup is a free and open computational thinking playground that allows students to mod(ify) their world by experimenting with expressions, functions, and algorithms. Polyup activities are provided as Poly Machines. Each Poly Machine can have one or many “chips,” or levels, to mod.

Polyup runs on all devices with an Internet browser, from Laptops and Chromebooks to iOS and Android tablets and phones. Each Poly Machine has a name, URL, and author, and potentially a sponsor. Each Poly Machine can be accessed by its URL, ID number, or QR code.

Polyup’s mission is to empower a global community of creative problem solvers. To be able to keep Polyup’s service free for teachers and students around the globe, Polyup welcomes sponsorships for its Poly Machines from socially responsible individuals and organizations. The Sponsor’s name and logo will appear on the Poly Machine and associated materials. Pricing and more details are available in the form below.