Arithmetic Machines

Polyup provides a host of machines for students to practice arithmetic, and to learn and practice new operations. By instilling higher-order thinking concepts, where students have to design expressions instead of evaluating them, Polyup encourages creativity in expression-building and problem solving.

One major portion of our featured machines is what we call “Arithmetic Machines”. In these machines, students are given some subset of numbers and functions, and must create target outputs using the restrictions they are given.

One example of an arithmetic machine is shown to the right. Try solving a couple levels yourself!

Remember, Poly starts at the top of the stack and moves downward. When Poly sees a square “operation” block, the operation takes in the two numbers above it and computes the result. This paradigm extends to larger stacks — Poly just keeps going down and computing until the bottom of the stack is reached.

One other aspect of the environment is the speed slider. When you tap Poly to run your expression, you can drag up or down on the speed icon on the right to increase or decrease the speed of compilation. Try it out on the Four 4s machine!

Here are solutions for making 1, 2, and 3. Can you find more ways to make these numbers? Often, it is important to challenge students to solve a puzzle multiple ways, to get their creative juices flowing!