Google Classroom

The integration of Polyup with Google Classroom makes it easier to use Polyup with classes and manage student completion of Poly Machines! In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to get the most out of the integration with Google Classroom.

1. To start, connect your Polyup teacher account to Google Classroom.
Once you’ve signed into Polyup, you just have to click on the top-left menu and tap the Google Classroom icon to connect your Polyup account to your Google account.
2. Find an activity you want to share.
Click on the search icon in the menu to enter the code of a Poly Machine. You can explore all the machines on the platform at Or, you can create your own machine to share with your students! After opening the machine, tap on the QR code icon next to the Machine’s name to see sharing options.

3.Finally, select the classes you want to share the machine with.
In this screen, you will see all your Google Classroom classes. Select the ones you want to share it with and click on “Assign to Selected Class” to send the machine as an assignment to all students in the class.

How can students complete their Poly assignments?
When a Poly Machine is shared with a Google Classroom class, all the students in it will receive an email notification that they have been assigned a new task. They will be able to see all their assigned machines on their Google Classroom page, and the due dates for each task (it is set as one week from the time assigned by default, but this is adjustable by the teacher on Google Classroom).To complete a machine, students have to tap on the corresponding assignment and will be redirected to the Poly Machine. Students then must create an account on Polyup and connect their Google Classroom the same way as a Teacher would. In order for the assignment to be marked as complete students must create an account; signing in as a guest will not mark the assignment as complete. Once they complete the machine, the activity will be automatically turned in to the teacher.Using the Google Classroom integration on Polyup is one of the easiest ways for teachers to share Poly Machines with their students, to play Polyup at school, or even play at home! With Google Classroom, you can ensure your students are up to speed with the machines you want them to complete.
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