How to Find and Add Machines

Polyup is organized into Poly Machines — 10 to 20 minute activities for students in 3rd to 12th grades. Once you’ve finished the Meet Poly machine, the first question you should be asking is, “how can I find more machines to play!”

First off, we have a list of Poly Machines at You can browse this list by appropriate grade level, or see all machines in one page. These machines cover a variety of topics, from arithmetic to more advanced operators, to functions, algebra, and algorithms. If you click on a machine, you can get a description of the machine, along with a video and a link to enter the machine directly.

Each Poly Machine has an associated Machine ID, a six- or seven-character code that uniquely identifies each machine. You can see this ID when you hover over the machine at In the image below, we see that the machine ID for “advanced addition” is 010001.

There are a few ways to share these machines with your class:

  • Students can click on “Discover Machines” in the Polyup menu and enter a Machine ID here. Again, you can see the machine ID for any machine at by hovering over it. You can find the ID of a machine you are currently in by clicking on the QR code icon.
  • Every machine has a unique URL that anyone can access. So, when you’re in a machine, you can simply send the link in your URL bar to your students!
  • When you’re in a machine, you can tap the Share icon in the top-right corner to see a QR code. Students can scan this QR code with their phone’s camera app to get into the machine.
  • You can use Google Classroom integration to send a Poly Machine as an assignment (see our last tutorial for that!)